15 ideas to wear a leather jacket inspired by celebrities

Celebrities leather jackets

We all love celebrities or at least some of them, even though we don’t admit it sometimes. Normally we have at least one famous person that we look up to, adore and follow closely. Very often we see a picture of our beloved celebrity from their casual every day and we admire their style, secretly hoping to achieve a similar one in some way. But that is not impossible. And by the end of that article you will see why.

The autumn season cannot be opened if we don’t have a leather jacket in our wardrobes, no matter if it is real or artificial leather. The famous ladies – Rihanna, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Elle Macpherson, and Ciara are wearing them with jeans, evening dresses and even swimsuits. If you think of the leather jacket as too banal, take inspiration from the celebrities. Rihanna chose her in green, Nicole Richie in white and Rita Ora in pink.

celebrities leather jackets

Lindsay Lohan showed personality with silver chains, where the ordinary black leather jacket of Daisy Lowe was decorated with a white picture on the bag.  Yasmin Le Bon and Elle Macpherson were concentrated in changing the type of textile their jackets are made from. Yasmin wore aged leather, where Elle preferred the velveteen.

Lindsay Lohan leather jacket
Lindsay Lohan
deizilou leather jacket
Daisy Lowe
yasminlebon leather jacket
Yasmin Le Bon
Elle Macpherson leather jacket
Elle Macpherson

An interesting combination can be seen in the wardrobe of Hilary Duff. The actress chose bright trousers and a coral colored leather jacket. The supermodel Kate Moss on the other side combined slim black trousers with a jacket with fringes. Nicole Richie matched her golden trousers with an asymmetric jacket with leather sleeves.

Hilary Duff leather jacket
Hilary Duff
Kate Moss leather jacket
Kate Moss
Nicole Richie leather jacket
Nicole Richie

And now the way to wear leather jacket that for many seems strange – combined with an evening dress. But why not? It looks extravagant and in the same time calms down the solemnity of the outfit. That however doesn’t stop you show your elegant evening style. Rita Ora has very well matched her maxi skirt with pale, gentle pink leather jacket. Vanessa Paradis on the other side combined white long dress with black leather jacket.

Rita Ora leather jacket
Rita Ora
Vanessa Paradis leather jacket
Vanessa Paradis

There are many ways to wear leather jackets, with both – elegant and casual clothes. The celebrities can be inspiration for that and we can also achieve that styles or similar to them. Famous people always look good, even in their every day and that is because most of the time there are personal stylists helping them choose the right clothes for them. But who knows us better than ourselves? No one, exactly! Therefore we go out, explore the stores and buy the one that fits us best and of course combine it well so it matches the rest of our styles. Then with a good eye for clothes and style we all look celebrities in our own way.