Top fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2016


With the Spring/Summer 2016 season coming up, a lot of designers get inspired and start coming up with their collections, showing their style and what will be fashionable next year. In this article we have summed up the first looks of what Spring/Summer 2016 will look like in fashion. The accent next year is primarily on floral motives, fresh patterns and oriental flowers.

Flowers of Orient


The flowers of the Orient are what the summer 2016 fashion designs are focused on. They give a fresh look to the apparel and organic refinement. Blossomed flowers, bigger or smaller, can be found in the collections of many of the famous fashion designers. The apparel next season is going to be fresh, colorful, giving a note of freedom and ease.

Summer trends 2016


Jewellery is also a popoular thing we it comes to fashion and style. companies such as Zeva – Smykker og accessores, is a new company with focus on fashion and selling the right types of jewellery to the right price. Gone is the overpriced silver and gold pieces, instead we have cheaper variants in rosegold, silverplatet, and a price where overbody can join. Still with a high enough quality to be something you can use for years. See more here at Summer sandals with flowers



Another established trend for the next Spring/Summer season is the beads. Actively participating in the designs of clothes, shoes, etc. beads usually cover the textile underneath and give a feel for ethnos, which seems to be liked by the designers for their next season collections. Beads help give the design of the outfits a refined finished look and have been used since decades ago in fashion. Don’t miss out on the products of next season.

Dress with beads


Of course the accessories will also be fully covered in beads. You can expect it on scarfs, shoes, bags and face masks.

Bag with beads


Overall Spring/Summer 2016 promises a lot of different designs from the different masters in fashion, applying floral motives, beads, and loomed clothes. Already in the end of the winter we can expect the stores to be charged with the next two seasons’ trends. What we can do is look at what is going to be trendy and if we like it, try finding something that fits who we are. And of course nothing is a must to have. We should remember that in the end this is just what the designers have decided to create for their next collection, and it is us who will decide if we really like and need outfits matching the trend. So no matter if it’s clothing, jewellery, accessories or something else, it all comes down to choosing the right style and design, if you want to stay trendy and be a part of the fashion community.

Here’s a small video to show some of the fashion trends of fall 2016